Partnering with Senthold has been a wonderful experience

Worldwide101 I have worked with Chris to place Virtual Assistants (VAs) with his company, Senthold. Chris came to us looking for help with his bookkeeping, marketing, and administrative tasks, but also for long-term, committed team members that could provide the high level of expertise and skill sets that his clients have come to expect. After successfully placing one VA, Chris’ business continued to grow, and we have placed more VAs to meet his expanding needs. The assistants have become an integral part of his team. Chris made it so easy to place the VAs by clearly communicating his needs and responding quickly to interview requests. His cordial demeanor and professionalism helped our VAs to feel comfortable right from the start and his training allowed them to really hit the ground running. Partnering with Senthold has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship well into the future.


Sandra Lewis Founder & Director, Worldwide101