Got an amazing skill or service but you don’t have any clients? No worries. Here is how to get your first five.

I use the 10, 3, 1 Rule. I have done this literally thousands of times. The math works out. The clients come in. Here is the step by step breakdown:

10 Conversations

Ask 10 people what needs or problems they are experiencing in your area of expertise. In short, succinct ways, tell them how you and your team meet that need or solve that problem. Ask them for the opportunity to provide the fix. Sound simple? It is. Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  1. Ask “warm” relationships. By warm I mean people you already know or people that have been referred to you by a mutual acquaintance. Relationships matter. Follow relationship pathways to your next client.
  2. Commit to at least 20 conversations before you give up or give in. This is a numbers game. Do the work and reap the rewards.
  3. Practice makes for better practice. You may feel like a fish out of water on your first several conversations. Learn. Grow. Succeed. Repeat. When you get to 20 conversations you will be amazed at how much better you are at listening to needs and presenting a simple solution.

3 Leads

You will find that around 30% of the people you have initial warm conversations with will say they want to buy or will show a high level of interest. Keep working with these people! Here’s why:

  1. They are the ones that will really help you understand the needs of your market. You will learn stuff from these people that will help you in your next 10 conversations.
  2. Not all buy today. I assume that you are not starting a business just to shut it down next month, so keep strong leads strong by continual outreach. Don’t be annoying. Just keep adding value and meeting their needs in small ways.
  3. Practice being awesome. We all need practice. These are your “almost clients.” They are not paying you so if you make a mistake in communication or late delivery, it’s no big deal. You are just helping in small ways for free. Practice your business model on these people and make them happy as you learn.

1 Sale

It is a magic moment when you get that first “Yes!” It’s a Disney Princess Magic Moment when you get that first signature on a client agreement and a check! As you hone your skills communicating to the 10, learning on the 3 and closing the 1, you will experience the magic. Here are a few ways to make the magic sparkle:

  1. Celebrate your success! Seriously, go out for a special dinner or buy that Amazon $5 deal of the day. Whatever you do, remember to make a memory. 🙂
  2. Set expectations for the client that you know you can deliver ahead of schedule and above their expectations. This sets you up for a good payday and good referrals.
  3. Keep loading 10 more warm conversations in the 10, 3, 1 funnel. It’s easy to find and close one client. It’s a bit more work to work for a client and keep the funnel running. More clients equals more security, more options, and more confidence.

Go get your 10, 3, 1!

Still have questions? Let me know how I can help:)