…and too busy to sleep enough, eat right, go out with friends, read a book, take a vacation or pack your parachute before you skydive. I know, I feel like that some days, too. But we all know that eating right, building friendships and packing our parachutes are best done before our health fails, before we need a friend’s support and before we find ourselves falling from 30,000 feet.

So why don’t we plan ahead like we should? I don’t know. Ask your therapist. However, I do know about finding startup investors. And I know why most of us don’t start finding startup investors soon enough.


I don’t have any national statistics on this but based on my experience most of those who need to be looking for startup investors are just plain scared. No need to be ashamed about it either. It is understandably very awkward to ask people for money. It’s a little less hard to invite people to an amazing opportunity. It’s not hard at all to take their money when they call you asking for a chance to get in on your business. If fear of asking is your issue, then you need a strategy that turns the tables so the investors do the asking rather than you.


Calling people with money and asking them to send some your way is the most common startup funding approach. Why would we do that when we know that few things in life work that way? Even my dog, Blue, won’t go to a stranger at the park when they call, pat their thighs and say “Come here, Boy!” in a baby-talk tone. When you think about it, most of the things you purchased over the past week were strategically placed in your path, marketed to you over time and brought to your attention at your moment of need. Its no surprise that we need to have a strategy for getting startup investors that sets the stage for the right deal at the right time. Starting this strategy before you desperately need an investor is a great first step.


Once we get past the fear and lock down a proven strategy, it’s time to execute like crazy. When it comes down to it, nothing works like execution for getting things done. Calls, meetings, presentations, asking for referrals, reviewing contracts, follow-up clarification, etc. When all of the exciting and not so exciting parts of getting a startup investor are getting done in unison, good things start to happen.

So get out there (execute) and show the world (strategy) how awesome you and your ideas are (no fear). You CAN get startup investors!