Senthold is a consulting firm that brings experience in leadership, business advising, and socially responsible practice to the table. We have helped businesses build wealth, companies strengthen productive corporate culture, and leaders develop innovative winning strategies. We are experts in strategic planning, leadership development, and accountable execution. Through calm, decisive leadership, Senthold takes companies in any industry to the next level by working with existing leaders, making quick but thorough decisions and helping employees find the right role and understand their purpose.

Senthold is not a leadership advisor or “teacher” for CEOs. We are experts, and one of the few at that, who only lead in highly volatile situations. Business owners hire us to dive into challenging situations with extreme failure rates and get it done. We get called when everything else has failed or the opportunity is just too great to take chances. This is not normal leadership coaching – no “rah rah” sessions or what you could learn from a book.

We are the business consultants who step in and take over, do the real work, and right the company’s ship. We are culturally sensitive but aggressively different.

Senthold becomes the C-Level leadership. We actually do the work, from venture consulting to transition consulting, not just talk about it or tell you how then leave you to it. The real difference is Senthold performs like a short-term CEO. Then, we train or hire a permanent CEO when the volatile situation is resolved and the business is ready.


Senthold provides consulting to privately-held companies experiencing rapid change, succession or growth phases.

Senthold can manage and guide businesses through many stages. From startups and new ventures to established companies experiencing leadership or ownership changes, Senthold can pave the way to success. For those business who are struggling with severe downsizing or bankruptcy, Senthold can intervene with an impartial, calm, and clear decisiveness needed to navigate towards the best possible outcome.

Businesses we can best help:
● Startup companies or new ventures
● Businesses going through a change in leadership or ownership
● Businesses facing bankruptcy or severe downsizing
● Businesses in rapid-growth scenarios

A unique aspect of Senthold is that we love to work with “social” companies (hence the name Social Entrepreneurial Holdings, Senthold for short). Companies that are actively “doing good” in the community, healthcare field, environment, or social services. Any business engaged in the greater good is one we’re interested in.