1. 3 Things You Should Never Sell a Startup Investor

    1. Your secret sauce Your secret sauce is the recipe and the ingredients that make you, YOU. Some combination of skills, passion, experience, intuition, etc. has gotten you where you are today. Is it the freedom to walk in a park every day and dream? (Don’t commit to a tight office structure.) Is it your close connection to past mentors that allow you to quickly gain wisdom? (Be careful of a dea…Read More

  2. What your next patient wants to hear

    What's NOT working: Assumptions. You know what they say about ASSumptions… well it’s true.   Every time we try to attract patients for a bariatric surgery and assume that we know why the patients would want to make a commitment, we get it wrong.   Marketing messages like  “Most advanced surgery center” and “Dr. Bariatric is a member of the ASMBS” or “Onsite Registered Diet…Read More

  3. Who is your ideal patient?

    Who your ideal patient is NOT… just a hunch: Needy Not compliant with pre and post op plan Very few bariatric coverage options Very low collections rate from payer   BTW - Patients who fit this description are not “bad” patients. They need and deserve the best care possible. The point of this discussion is simply comparing common traits between several types of patients. Each patient ty…Read More

  4. Facebook, Google, SEO, Print, Radio, etc? Ugh!!!

    So, you want to spend some marketing money, do ya? What’s NOT working: Deciding to spend $__.00 per month on ____ marketing platform with the hope of attracting more patients to your practice. Copying someone else’s ads, even if they are really great, and using them for your practice. Finding a beautiful image of a hip Doctor and a happy patient, typing up a catchy fraze and creating your own …Read More

  5. How Much Should I Spend On Marketing

    Have you had marketing companies quote you something like: “For just $500 per month, we guarantee you website traffic, social media likes, impressions, views, ads, etc.?” Well, who cares?! Marketing, like any business, is all about ROI (Return On Investment). What is ROI? It’s simply how much you get back after you invest. If you invest $1 in marketing for your practice you should get back m…Read More

  6. Surgery practice hits the ground running

    When Dr. Brent Roaten created his practice, Alaska Pediatric Surgery, he was the only pediatric surgeon in the state. Even with Dr. Roaten's incredible service model and work ethic he knew he needed help setting up his business for success. “I’ve known Chris for many years. He helped me with some financial matters in the past . I was aware of his business, Senthold, and knew he had experience …Read More

  7. Therapy Group Poised for Growth

    Sage Hill is a counseling center in Memphis, Tennessee where licensed therapists help individuals, families and children with a vast array of mental health issues such as addiction, relationships, anxiety and depression. Executive Director and Co-Founder, Shad Berry, manages the business side of Sage Hill, and he recently identified several areas where the company could use some outside help. “I…Read More

  8. What Should I Sell?

    Well - sell what the client wants to buy, of course! What does the client want to buy? Typically it’s a solution or fix for a problem. But, you have to ask them to be sure. Ask the following questions and write their answers down so you will remember exactly what they said and the words they used to say it. Keep the questions focused around your own expertise or service. In the area of (Your Exp…Read More

  9. How to get your first 5 clients

    Got an amazing skill or service but you don’t have any clients? No worries. Here is how to get your first five. I use the 10, 3, 1 Rule. I have done this literally thousands of times. The math works out. The clients come in. Here is the step by step breakdown: 10 Conversations Ask 10 people what needs or problems they are experiencing in your area of expertise. In short, succinct ways, tell them…Read More

  10. Am I cut out for starting my own business?

    Thinking about a side hustle? Here’s how to succeed by being you. 1. What do you do best or what do you know most about? Make a list. Is social media engagement your thing? How about bouncy house design? Accounting and Business Finance? Or, maybe you are like me and LOVE building service companies. Write down the things you do best. Don’t limit yourself to one thing. List the top 3 to 5 awesom…Read More

  11. Afraid of Failing?

    Afraid of Failing WARNING: If you are looking for an easy feel good read; STOP now! This one will ask you to look your fears in the face. “Afraid of Failing” is the #1 issue that people bring up when talking about a new entrepreneurial venture. If you are starting a new side hustle, expanding your product line or offering your knowledge base as a consultant, fear of failure is part of it. We a…Read More

  12. How To Cut 75% Of Your Workday

    Cutting work time is not always simple. It is, however, possible. I used to work 16 or more hours per day. My lifestyle, health, family, and my capacity for logical decision making were starting to pay the price. It seemed no matter how many systems I put in place, how much technology I purchased, or how many staff members I hired, I could not get my hours under control. So, here’s what I did: T…Read More

  13. Fear of quitting my “real” job

    “I’m afraid to quit my ‘real job’ and risk my financial life on my ‘side hustle.'” That’s what an entrepreneurship student said last night after I spoke at a local university. Let’s talk about what keeps you financially “safe” and what doesn’t. Financial security is made up of 3 things: Savings - often referred to as “liquidity.” Basically,  how much money can you get yo…Read More

  14. How to Take a Vacation without Putting Your Business on Hold

    Q: How do you keep your consulting business going while on vacation? A: First a little background… My wife and I love traveling with our five kids. As soon as school gets out we are itching to go. One week just doesn't cut it for us. We typically go out for two to five weeks at a time. As a self-employed consultant, I used to think that vacation time was too expensive to really enjoy. Not only d…Read More

  15. How to Work in a Park

    Most of us have to work to keep those pesky bill collectors away, but not many of us actually have to work in an office. So why aren't there more people at the park with me today? Maybe working anywhere EXCEPT an office is not for everyone, but if you're interested in working on your tan and your projects, here are a few of my tricks of the trade. Tools I use: A quick list of the tools I keep in m…Read More