Sage Hill is a counseling center in Memphis, Tennessee where licensed therapists help individuals, families and children with a vast array of mental health issues such as addiction, relationships, anxiety and depression. Executive Director and Co-Founder, Shad Berry, manages the business side of Sage Hill, and he recently identified several areas where the company could use some outside help.

“I reached out to Chris Williams at Senthold because I know Chris has a unique way of solving problems – he’s very good at looking at the big picture and then honing in on what to do today in order to get there,” details Shad. “Sage Hill needed a centralized way of handling incoming calls and booking patient appointments, but we couldn’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. As soon as I began describing this issue to Chris, he immediately had two or three possible solutions to recommend. He and his team did all the legwork for us, including vetting different vendors, systems setup and implementation, as well as training my team on how to use the product. And of course they were there for support afterwards.”

“I have a lot of faith in Chris’s expertise and skill set, and I knew that what I was facing at Sage Hill was probably something that Chris had experience with. When we began working with Senthold, it felt like they stepped into our team with us as opposed to being an outside component. They dedicated resources to getting the job done and everyone here felt like the job was just as important to Senthold as it was to us,” remembers Shad. “Working together was a very comfortable and positive experience.”

“We have a limited window when it comes to adding a new client and we don’t want to miss that, especially when someone is in a time of need. Now we are in a much better position to be responsive, get new clients the help they are seeking, and therefore grow the business. And our therapists can focus on what they do best – caring for people – instead of administrative work,” explains Shad.

“By partnering with Senthold we implemented a system far more quickly than if we had tried to piece it all together ourselves, therefore alleviating the pain point much faster and without the hassle. Having these new processes in place puts us in a better position to expand the business if we wanted to open another location – we now have what we need to grow,” shares Shad.

“I have complete trust in Senthold and Chris. If they say they can help you, believe them because they legitimately can. If they present a solution, trust them to be able to follow through on it.”