When Dr. Brent Roaten created his practice, Alaska Pediatric Surgery, he was the only pediatric surgeon in the state. Even with Dr. Roaten’s incredible service model and work ethic he knew he needed help setting up his business for success.

“I’ve known Chris for many years. He helped me with some financial matters in the past . I was aware of his business, Senthold, and knew he had experience that could help. One thing I’ve learned about Chris over the years, is that he’s very resourceful and if he doesn’t already know something, he and his team can quickly figure it out,” says Dr. Roaten.

Alaska Pediatric Surgery started as a one-doctor practice with a small staff in 2014. Senthold set up the infrastructure to manage the finance, operations, human resources and marketing. “I found the Senthold team to be very professional and accommodating in every interaction,” shares Dr. Roaten. “Despite the three hour time difference, working together has been so easy.”

With the Senthold team’s extensive experience in the areas of marketing and public relations, Alaska Pediatric Surgery was able to hit the ground running. “I let Chris handle the outgoing communication because I knew that was such an important area to get right the first time. Having them manage the SEO, Google and social media marketing makes sense because it is all done in conjunction with their master plan to maximize my marketing budget. Senthold gets my message out to the right people in the right manner and that really helps give me a competitive advantage,” Dr. Roaten explains.

Dr. Roaten is confident he put his business in the best of hands with Senthold. “I’m able to focus on being a doctor while Senthold handles the rest – the day to day maintenance and also the long-term strategy and growth. Chris is a problem-solver and the best part is, he does it in a nice way. Senthold keeps my business healthy so I can focus on keeping kids healthy,” Dr. Roaten says. “The Senthold organization is a role model for effective business administration and strategic growth. I would recommend the Senthold team to any business without reservation.”