An Expert In Business

anchorage4-fullweblogoI knew I was an expert at surgery, but I’m not an expert at business. I wanted things done right the first time – I didn’t have time for trial and error – so I needed an expert in that field. Chris is not only an expert in business, but he is an outgoing, positive guy. He has a very confident air about him, but he is also approachable and personable – he feels like a friend right away. I would highly recommend working with Chris and Senthold if you have a solid business plan and are ready to partner up with a team who can take your dreams to the next level.


Dr. Justin Clark, Owner, Anchorage Bariatrics

Partnering with Senthold has been a wonderful experience

Worldwide101 I have worked with Chris to place Virtual Assistants (VAs) with his company, Senthold. Chris came to us looking for help with his bookkeeping, marketing, and administrative tasks, but also for long-term, committed team members that could provide the high level of expertise and skill sets that his clients have come to expect. After successfully placing one VA, Chris’ business continued to grow, and we have placed more VAs to meet his expanding needs. The assistants have become an integral part of his team. Chris made it so easy to place the VAs by clearly communicating his needs and responding quickly to interview requests. His cordial demeanor and professionalism helped our VAs to feel comfortable right from the start and his training allowed them to really hit the ground running. Partnering with Senthold has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship well into the future.


Sandra Lewis Founder & Director, Worldwide101

Chris’ advisory role was invaluable

logo_GraphStoryChris’ advisory role at Graph Story during our company’s launch was invaluable. His insight and guidance helped us set a path towards growth. Chris’ problem-solving skills and focus are amazing, but the energy & enthusiasm he brings to every discussion is what truly sets him apart. I absolutely recommend working with Chris.

Greg Jordan

Greg Jordan, Founder, Graph Story

Challenged us to rethink the processes of our business

Personal Lawn CareThe time that we have spent with Chris Williams has resulted in many positive changes in our company. He helped us to define our purpose and determine how we would like to brand our business. Chris challenged us to rethink the processes of our business and helped us clarify the different roles of our employees, which have proven to be very positive (and profitable). Chris pushed us way out of our comfort zone as we learned what it means to be leaders and not just managers.


Pat Beard, Owner, Personal Lawn Care

Highly disciplined approach to leadership and management

Start Co. (1)

Chris Williams is driven by focus. Whether it is a focus on root problems, KPIs, or core values, Chris’s highly disciplined approach to leadership and management has served him and the organizations he touches very well. I genuinely look forward to the next time Chris and I can work together to change business outcomes.

Eric Mathews

Eric Mathews, Founder & CEO, Start Co.

Gives 110% to everything

UVA-School-LogoI have worked with Chris for over a decade in a variety of settings. With over 20 years of experience, he has launched more projects than I can count, and he gives 110% to everything he does. I have personally benefited from his business counsel in countless ways. An inspiring leader, he has the unique ability to build confidence in other leaders, getting them to spring into action.

Harry Jones

Harry Jones, PhD Candidate in Philosophy, University of Virginia

Awesome Experience!

Working with Kimberly has been an awesome experience. She is professional and has been a great help to me with whatever I need. She’s not afraid to step out of the box and work on things out of her realm of expertise. She has taught me a lot over the last couple months and I just wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate her effort.

Brennen Salz, Marketing Executive, Madwire

Things back on track

K power logistics

My logistics company was having issues in a key operational profit center and we needed a fresh viewpoint on how to solve them. Chris stepped in and within a matter of weeks had things back on track. He was easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. He took the time to understand our business and made sure we all bought in to the new processes he implemented. I would highly recommend working with Chris and his team!

Mike Kattawar

Mike Kattawar, Chief Executive Officer, K-Power Global Logistics

Unique set of skills and experiences

Start Co. (1)

Chris Williams has accumulated a unique set of skills and experiences, that form a body of work unparalleled in the arena of advancing companies and organizations, especially those in troubled situations. Senthold, the company he has built, leans on experiences in wealth and business management, social investing, business to business strategy, entrepreneurship and startup companies, and organizational culture and management.

Andre Fowlkes

Andre K. Fowlkes, President, Start Co.

Has that rare combination of wisdom and enthusiasm

southern growth studio

Chris has that rare combination of wisdom and enthusiasm that can only come from a lifetime of incredible work and a willingness to embrace failure. I’ve had many mentors come and go in my professional work; Chris is one of the few that I continue to look to for advice and try to model myself after. Partner with Chris, hire him, or simply get coffee – you’ll walk away reenergized and with new direction.

Evan Katz

Evan Katz, Writer and Entrepreneur, Southern Growth Studio

Exceptional People Skills

UWT Logistics

Chris has exceptional people skills, demonstrating an ability to understand and influence people in a positive manner! He is intuitive, discerning, and responsive in his dealings with all he encounters! He demonstrates the ability to make decisions ‘on his feet’ that reflect his good judgement and good character!

Tim O'Guinn, Maintenance Manager, UWT Logistics LLC

Invaluable resource to my organization

achievement school district


I have worked with Chris on various projects through the years and have been extremely impressed with his wisdom and ability to bring an idea to fruition… His creative spirit and passion for start-up projects is unique and proved to be an invaluable resource to my organization.

Personally, Chris is a go-to on high issues of need… think tank creative ideas and how to move forward… [I] would highly recommend you to consider employment/partnership when the opportunity surfaces.

Chris Hill

Chris Hill, Director of Communication and Development, Achievement School District

His advice and analysis are always thoughtful, insightful, and creative


I have had the opportunity to see how Chris works, and I am always impressed by how disciplined he is in making time to focus on whatever client he is working for. When Chris is working on your project, he is working on your project only. The next day or hour, he may be working on something else, but when his attention is on you, you have Chris’ undivided attention – that kind of client focus is not something I see very often.

The breadth of Chris’ business and financial experience also means he has a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to draw on. His advice and analysis are always thoughtful, insightful, and creative.”

Thomas Quinlen

Thomas Quinlen, Senior Attorney

He leads with humility and courage.

ER2 logo


[Chris] is truly a charismatic leader who is more focused on getting the job done than on getting the credit. He leads with humility and courage. He is always focused on developing other leaders, building and guarding culture, and executing company objectives.”

Tyler Whitney

Tyler Whitney, General Manager, ER2 - Electronic Responsible Recyclers